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James Rawlson

Professional Overview

About James Rawlson

James Rawlson is a real estate attorney in the great northwest of San Francisco. James has nearly 20 years of professional experience in law and is passionate about his clients. Growing up in North Carolina, James decided to attend a college that offered him a close to home feel with a strong and rigorous undergraduate education: Davidson College.


Client Focused

James Rawlson prides himself on giving each client the attention and time that they deserve.


James Rawlson & Associates are a highly respected and tightly-knit team based in San Francisco.


James Rawlson is dependable and will ensure that your case is handled in a timely fashion.

James Rawlson began working for that very office in late 1995 as a trial prosecutor but soon moved on to real estate trial assignments where he worked in the unit downtown. His experiences dealing with real estate law in this office of the State and Federal Level prompted him to found his own practice in 1999 to which he named it James Rawlson & Associates.

For the past fifteen years, Mr. Rawlson has dedicated his life’s work to becoming one of the best real estate attorneys in the state of California. Rawlson & Associates has since become a highly respected firm in the San Francisco area since its founding in 1999.

He chose to attend Davidson College where he received his History Degree, graduating with honors, in 1992. While James initially contemplated continuing his education at Davidson he decided to move to the nation’s capital where he attended The George Washington School of Law.

His time spent in Washington, D.C. was filled with exciting and new found experiences. James remained in Washington, D.C. for three years and graduated with his Juris Doctor Degree in 1995. Promptly upon graduation, he moved out to San Francisco, California in look for a job with the San Francisco County District Attorney’s office.


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